Vertical Mixers

Vertical Mixers are widely used in the production of dairy, fowl and pig feed and are also becoming more popular for seed mixing. Large mixing capacities coupled with heavy duty construction make the Keogh Engineering mixer a winner.

Commonly these units are used for the mixing of a grain or grains and the addition of mineral and powdered products and a liquid binding agent, but the can also be used for seed mixing.

As standard units they are available in capacities from 2.5 m3 (about 1 tonne of average weight crushed wheat) up to 12 m3 units (about 6 tonne) but we also custom design and make these to suit your requirements.

The standard issue drives are electric on both the main mixer drive and on the SIDE AUGER. Drives can be either 240/480 VAC or 415 VAC. A LIQUID SUPPLEMENT RING can also be supplied.

The available finishes are either painted (select your colour from standard COLORBOND© colours) and hot dip galvanized (available on units up to and including the 5.1 m3 model).

Our STANDARD ISSUE for VERTICAL MIXERS include (but is not limited too):-

  • Cast taper-lock pulleys on the main drive,
  • LIQUID SUPPLEMENT RING and fittings,
  • Full guarding kit,
  • A SIDE AUGER and hopper with the side auger being driven by a worm drive gearbox (means no drive belts/pulleys or chains/sprockets or bearing),
  • Are pre-assembled ready for use,
  • Are made from 3mm steel sheet for the walls and cone and a 5 mm steel top,
  • Are fitted with internal and external ladders,
  • Are supplied with a sight glass inspection portal,
  • Are fitted with a triple seal bearing on the bottom shaft,
  • Are field proven, just the same as our other equipment.

Don’t hesitate to call and ask anything about our range of VERTICAL MIXERS. Our reputation for quality design and construction is second to none.